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Powered tooth brushes are beneficial for long-term oral health: Results from the Study of Health in Pomerania (SHIP-TREND).

JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PERIODONTOLOGY 2023 / May ; 50(5): 548 - 558


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DOI = 10.1111/jcpe.13763

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Sager P*1, Kocher T1, Pitchika V1, Samietz S2, Völzke H3, Walter C1, Holtfreter B1


Aim: To determine the long-term effects of the use of powered tooth brush (PTB) in comparison to manual tooth brush (MTB) on periodontitis severity, coronal caries experience, and the number of missing teeth using in a population-based cohort study. Materials and methods: Using 7-year follow-up data of 2214 participants of the Study of Health in Pomerania (SHIP-TREND), comprehensively adjusted linear models using generalized least squares and ordinal regression models estimated the effects of PTB usage on dental outcomes in complete case and imputed data. Results: At follow-up, PTB users had lower medians for mean probing depth (PD; 2.21 mm) and mean clinical attachment levels (1.73 mm) than MTB users (2.30 and 1.96 mm, respectively). Adjusted models revealed the beneficial effects of PTB usage on follow-up levels of plaque, bleeding on probing, mean PD, percentage of sites with PDs ≥4 mm, mean clinical attachment levels (all, interdental, and non-interdental sites, respectively), and the number of missing teeth. For the number of missing teeth, the effects were more pronounced in participants aged ≥50 years. No significant effects of PTB usage on the number of decayed or filled surfaces (all and interdental sites) were found. Conclusions: A recommendation of PTB usage in dental practice could contribute to the long-term promotion of oral health. Keywords: caries; cohort study; number of missing teeth; periodontitis; powered tooth brush.

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Year 2023
Month/Hj May
Impact Factor (2023)
Volume 50
Issue 5
Pages 548 - 558
Open Access nein
Peer reviewed ja
Article type Originalartikel
Article state erschienen - Druck
DOI 10.1111/jcpe.13763
PubMed-ID 36606369

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