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Clinical Benefit using VITA 3D Master and Classical Color Scale

JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH 2019 ; Spec Iss 98 (A)(1948):


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Impact Factor = 4,914


Hannak W*, Bratner S, Boening K, Klinke T1, Beuer F, Jakstat H


Introduction: To evaluate the clinical accuracy of the VITA 3D-Master and classical color scale no match templates were used in an in vitro trial. Material and Methods: 57 preclinical students of dentistry from the dental schools of Berlin, Dresden, Greifswald, Leipzig participated in this study. 39 students were female, 18 male with an average age of 23.2 years. All students passed the Ishihara test to identify, and to exclude color deficient participants. Three groups of ceramic faced crowns were used. The dental technicians had to face the groups with defined colors with additional individualization. Following, two dentists matched the color of the crowns by the help of the VITA Easyshade in several turns. The results defined the CIELAB data of the templates. Moreover, the students matched the color of the samples under defined surroundings: distance and light. The option was to identify a first, and a second match using 3D Master and the classical color scale. Results: For statistical evaluation, a comparison of the areas of the triangles with the points 1, LAB of the templates, 2, LAB of the first choice, and 3, LAB of the second choice, was made. The areas of the 3D master had a mean of 22.267, a median of 14.92, and a standard deviation of 19.69. The areas of classical showed a mean of 25.74, a median of 19.21, and a standard deviation of 20.69. The areas of 3D master were clearly smaller than the areas of the classical. This yielded a better reproducibility for the dentist and the dental technician, and thus also for the patient. The difference was highly significant at p< 0.001. Conclusion: With the limitation of this study we can conclude that the 3D Master color scale offers a better option to match tooth color based on the higher number of templates. The study was supported by VITA Zahnfabrik, Bad-Säckingen, Germany

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Jahr 2019
Impact Factor (2019) 4,914
Volume Spec Iss 98 (A)
Issue 1948
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Artikelart Originalartikel
Artikelstatus erschienen - EPub

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Kurzbezeichnung: J DENT RES
ISSN: 0022-0345
eISSN: 1544-0591
Land: USA
Sprache: English

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